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Magic of Manifestation 

Is the Law of Attraction hocus pocus new age hype designed to sell a lot of books, workshops and coaching or a Universal Law? I’d say both.

When “The Secret” came out in the mid 2000s there was a hypnotic appeal that developed an almost cult like following. “Great” I thought. “Humanity is finally going to awaken to our true power and create a world that works for everyone”.

Marketing was perfect for maximizing attention/profit – specifically because consumer mentality is all about immediate gratification. If it’s hard, most consumers roll their eyes and walk away. No one wants to hear the dirty details or to be bothered with the whole truth.

People spent tons of money learning to use this tool - promoted to magically create wealth with the power of thought while glossing over the concept of detachment and maintaining the feeling of success before evidence appears. Excitement quelled and criticism erupted about the Law of Attraction being garbage.

Our world faces some serious challenges these days, shaking fundamental beliefs with blatant corruption enslaving thought patterns of the masses. Did “The Secret” get so much attention from centrally owned corporate entertainment because it focused on material wealth from an egotistic (fear based) perspective?

Issues like financial crisis, health emergencies and terrorism strike at base survival fears. Work demands, social expectations and a 24 hour news cycle keep us distracted from internal work necessary to manage stress. We get desperate and grab personal empowerment tools like weapons to defend ourselves from evils of the world.

It doesn’t work that way.

My experience indicates that the Law of Attraction only works when we come from the heart space of abundance. In order to manifest anything, we have to feel like it is already present in our experience. We have to KNOW we are manifesting because it is the act of knowing that activates the creative force of the universe.

Other keys to engagement are suspension of expectation and judgment. Coming from the space of “I need it to happen by (such and such a date)” is an expectation that might not be what is in your highest and best good. Having a check list of what your manifestation looks like sets you up for judging your goal dressed in a different package as “wrong”, sabotaging receipt of blessings.

Visualization in all its forms is just a tool to get us in the heart space of being there now so we can begin seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting success. Getting locked into the form manifestations will take obscures the ability to recognize and accept universal gifts being presented.

Besides, the entire goal setting process limits our creation to current knowledge and imagination. It’s good to have a place to start, but leave room for something better. Use the creative tools then get out of your own way by releasing control of timing and results. Trusting the flow of life and having faith in your own creative ability solidifies the manifestation process.

Someday, we’ll have proof for what we now see as the magic of intentional manifestation. In the mean time, I’m engaging biological technology not yet explained by science.


Controlling Destiny 

Millions of people face an uncertain future. We’re taught to go to school, develop skills, work hard, be loyal and treat others as we want to be treated. That all looks good on paper but unexpected events and circumstances pop up seemingly out of no where, and life gets out of control.

How many of you are unemployed, sick, depressed, stressed out about your job or otherwise feel like life is spinning out of control? No matter what you do, promised results allude so you read, go back to school, follow your passion and get in touch with your inner calling – just to get slapped back into the reality of bills, competition and ridicule.

I’ve come to the conclusion we can’t use external behavior to control destiny. Being who you are and doing what you love is great action but without the inner sense of faith, nothing works. Sometimes people put on a positive mental attitude persona and jump off a mountain with no parachute, crashing and burning in the valley below. That happens when you substitute faith with hope.

Many people were hypnotized to “hope” for a better future in the 2008 US presidential election. “Yes We Can!” but didn’t. Give whatever excuse you want for a recovery on Wall Street, immunity for financial criminals that imploded the global economy and the wealth gap widening, sucking the middle class into an endless nightmare. Hoping for a better future puts you and me in a dependent position – victim consciousness all day long.

A couple of years ago I had an epiphany about hope. Hope comes from a sense of lack – not having whatever you desire. “I hope I get this job”, “I hope I win the lottery”, “I hope I lose some weight”, “I hope that deal closes” … That’s not what you want. It’s just that we’ve been programmed to believe joy and abundance come from all these external circumstances.

Before I met my husband, I was lonely. For many years, I hoped to meet my ideal life mate. Yeah, I didn’t want just a “husband”. I wanted the ideal relationship for me. Finally, after I came to an emotional place of being in joy single, boom – he showed up, hidden in a package I didn’t recognize and more perfect than I could have imagined.

As soon as I gave up hope for an external condition to bring me joy, I was in joy and the external condition manifested without effort.

Hope is the flip side of the fear coin, taking away personal power. We ride the roller coaster of emotion with every news article, congressional action or corporate activity instead of finding that inner power to access a feeling of joy and abundance regardless of what’s going on in apparent reality.

The only way to control destiny is to control your thoughts and feelings NOW. No, you can’t always get everything that you think you want, but engaging faith you attract something so much better.

The Key to Abundance is Cooperation 

Throughout recorded history, we created a world of competition based in fear and limitation, and maintain it through programming from entertainment, news, education, religion and social divisiveness. We’re taught to be part of the ‘real world’, we must choose a side. But there is a growing movement where people consciously create a better world through cooperation, sharing and building on similarities.

The mission of Gen-Ray Records is to affect the intentional selection of entertainment as a tool for personal growth and global transformation. We collaborate with organizations and composers from all over the world to create and share life-affirming music. Today, the song “We the People” is featured on

Conscious Life News is committed to delivering timely, relevant and leading edge news within the alternative spectrum of information that is critical to each and every individual on planet earth, with the goal of assisting each individual with all the tools they need to live fully, consciously and responsibly.

Please visit Conscious Live News, watch and like the video and read news you won’t hear on television.

Thank you for supporting Sassy Alternative Music!

‘tude Vox Ro
aka: Rosemarie Ashley

Success is a Popularity Contest 

Success is indeed a popularity contest and that can’t be truer than in the 21st Century music business. With listener support, last September I won a trip for two to New York City for a consultation with NBC executive Donna Introcaso, Sheryl Crow’s manager Pam Wertheimer and marketing professional Nina Frye.  We stayed at the world famous Roosevelt Hotel, saw the sights, received validating advice and made invaluable connections to distribute empowering entertainment by ‘tude Vox Ro.

I need your support again.

I was pre-interviewed by April & Ajay Matta from the internet TV show “Spiritually Raw”, "Where Spirits Meet Skeptics and Consciousness Connects" for a short discussion about the power of entertainment to affect thought, shape words and incite action, and the importance of intentionally selecting life affirming programming. With your help, I can win a full interview, introducing thousands of new listeners to this powerful tool for personal growth and global transformation.

For thousands of years, populations across the globe were spoon-fed news and entertainment that supported an elite agenda of conformity, perpetual war and economic collapse. Now with the internet, every one of you has the power to affect mass distribution of music that supports co-creating a world of cooperation and prosperity.

Please vote for me and share this article.

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Rosemarie Ashley
aka:  'tude Vox Ro - a voice with attitude

'tude Vox Ro's Perspective on Current Events 

Darian Counts invited 'tude Vox Ro back on his DetroitLive Radio show at UDetroit Cafe in Harmonie Park, Detroit to continue discussing empowering music. Producer John LeBang scheduled it for March 6, 2012. When the co-host unexpectedly couldn't make it that day, 'tude Vox Ro stepped in as guest co-host, discussing a wide variety of current events from her unique perspective and had a GREAT time.

Watch the video here: UDetroit Live.

News: NY Trip and Live Performances 

As you know, I’ve dedicated my career to creating a brand of entertainment to empower and motivate people to achieve dreams. With your help, I won the “Daytime with Donna” favorite musician contest by submitting “Until My Dreams Come True”, written by Rich (iOD!NE) Ramsey and me. People from all over the world visited the site to register support. Thank you!

The prize was a trip for two to New York and a meeting with a celebrity management team. I had a great time in New York to meet Donna Introcaso, Nina Frye of “
Daytime with Donna” and Pam Wertheimer (manager to Sheryl Crow). Donna is an accomplished and well connected member of the NBC family, launching her dream to provide inspirational radio. Nina is a sales and marketing professional, dedicating her expertise to create empowering entertainment to an international audience. Pam is a successful artist development professional with a long list of credits. I was honored to perform live for these remarkable women and greatly appreciate their advice and direction. See pictures and add your comments here. I look forward to continued collaboration with this like-minded show.

In other news, I’ve returned to the stage for live performances. On Monday I played a short set at
1001 Nights Restaurant and Lounge in Sterling Heights to an enthusiastic audience. I had a great time and will be doing more live performing work from this point forward.

I also joined an original rock opera, “
Soul Struck Lightning”  by JLebang just over a month ago. It is a vampire parable about personal empowerment with a fantastic cast and rockin’ band. I was fortunate to have connected with this group just before a role opened up. We have some promotional gigs lined up for early November in Detroit and Battle Creek.

Visit often to hear selected play lists, get details on live performances and go to FREE STREAMING to hear all of my work 24/7. CDs and mp3 downloads are also available for purchase. To schedule live performances, contact me at 586-585-2626.

Thank you for intentionally selecting empowering entertainment!

Detroit Comes Alive at DETROIT LIVE  Podcast

Many people know Detroit as the Motor City and for Motown Records, long passed away into the halls of history. Economic collapse hit our city and suburbs years before the rest of the country and world felt a middle class eroding. Labor moved to non-union shops in far-away places beginning in the 1980s.   Since then, we’ve experienced a slow drip of people and investment, wage stagnation and decline as well as property values plummeting, starting in 2006. Before the global economic crisis hit the news, Michigan experienced 14% unemployment rates as residents clamored to leave the state for a job. The official unemployment rate is now at 11.2% and ranking 49 out of 51 states and the District of Columbia.  Auto makers now hire union employees at $14 an hour rather than $28 and employers often pay commission only or hire entry-level people. The pool of candidates declined for job offered citing “overqualified” as the reason swells. We’ve been in national news for corruption in government and take-over of public offices by unelected appointments who are not accountable to the public.  One in every 417 households is in foreclosure, ranked 7th highest in the country.

So you’d think we are a city of doom and gloom – but you would be wrong. Perhaps because of the dismal state of employment, many people are finding their passion and investing in creating their own career. Many intelligent, educated and experience people are reevaluating their lives and following their dream. We are a Phoenix Rising, reclaiming the innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial endeavors that put us on the map of world attention. We are changing our line of thinking and taking action to achieve our goals.

Yesterday I was on a live radio interview with Darian Counts at the University of Detroit’s radio station, UDetroit.  We met at UDetroit Cafe, a Media Cafe in the heart of Downtown Detroit's Entertainment District where he discusses politics, religion, all the sex you want to talk about and local talent. Darian owns Detroit Live Magazine and Detroit Live Radio – and is hiring.  Show producer John LeBang is multi-talented, also producing an uplifting rock opera called “Soul Struck Lightning” that he wrote, directs and plays lead role. Thank you to Darian for having me as a guest and John for inviting me. You can watch the video taped interview HERE.

It is true that we have been hit a major blow to our once-thriving economy here in Metro-Detroit, but we haven’t lost our spirit. Like the vacant lots we turn into organic farms, Metro-Detroit residents are turning economic collapse into a new way to prosperity. We’ve removed the debris of our fallen lives and are intentionally creating our own vision of the future.

  1. Pay Day Blues

Thank you for voting me Favorite Musician  

Thank you for voting me Favorite Musician in the
Daytime With Donna contest!

Because of your support, I'm going to New York for an audition with artist manager Pam Wertheimer, respected for her work with signer/song writer Sheryl Crow, and a celebrity management group. It was a close race so each vote was instrumental in giving me this most appreciated opportunity.

If you missed the show announcing results, you can listen to it here: The Contest Winners LIVE! 09-09-2011

I'm scheduled to be guest on the show again next Friday, September 16 to talk with Pam in preparation for the audition in the first show of Daytime with Donna's second season. This fabulous show engages today's woman. Her weekly shows are dedicated to women of all ages to empower, motivate, and encourage them in all aspects of their lives very similar to OPRAH's fun-filled format. I'm excited to be a part of this growing upbeat entertainment alternative.

Please join me in sending thanks to Daytime with Donna for giving me this awesome opportunity.

Winning music video is "Until My Dreams Come True"
composed and guitars by progressive rock star Rich (iOD!NE) Ramsey.

Visit me at, on Facebook and Twitter  to get daily updates, links to inspirational videos and quote and listen to full-length songs FREE anytime at

Smooth Drama Radio is talking to 'tude Vox 

Giving voice to every day people, Smooth Drama Radio show discusses issues facing our world on BlogTalkRadio. Radio characters Dick Hugger and Ms 100% candidly discuss events from around the globe from the perspective of real people, minus any political spin. Listen to their interview with 'tude Vox Ro HERE at midnight, EDT on August 17 (9:00 pm PDT August 16), 2011.  Call in number is (646) 929-2037 to join in the conversation.  It should be a lot of fun!

New Music Video: Introducing the "New Paradigm" 

It seems clear to me that the government no longer works in the best interest of every day people. Elected officials are in bed (sometimes literally) with corporate rulers of the planet and their agents. Perhaps out of fear or helplessness, they fail to fulfill their function as representatives of a self governing people. The masses are divided among fabricated differences to tear each other apart over intentionally created problems, running to more government control for solutions. This is called fascism.

We are at the verge of a monumental time in human history. It takes everyone working together to become empowered and right the wrongs committed against us. That can only happen when we come together from the fabricated labels that divide us for conquer. Republicans, Democrats, executives, workers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans and non-believers alike are part of the solution as soon as we come together.

Watch me perform "New Paradigm" on the Music Videos page @

Music composed by Dave Meredith, vocals recorded and produced by Scott Sumner at Audiomagic Studios in Eastpointe, Michigan.
Guitars by Richard (iOD!NE) Ramsey.

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